How To Succeed By NOT Giving HMRC What They Ask For

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AA, explains how he was successful closing down his tax investigation quickly.

AA submitted a self assessment form and a few months later got a letter from HMRC saying that they had opened a compliance check, they then sent him a long list of documents they were requesting – it ran over four pages!

Suspecting something was wrong AA did a Google search and found this website, he bought the ebooks and read them. He found out that HMRC often ask people for documents they are not entitled to see. And – worse still – if you hand these documents over you are signalling to HMRC that you are a bit of a soft target, PLUS the more time HMRC invests looking at your case the greater the pressure is on them to get a result and – you guessed it – they will ask for even more documents.

AA got in touch with us, and spoke with a tax professional.

AA says, “[As instructed] I called [HMRC] up and asked directly ‘What is the problem that you think exists?’ This had a good impact. After the matter was explained to me it was resolved by [me] supplying them with only the paperwork relevant to this issue.”

AA continues, “[Today] I received a ‘closure notice’ letter from HMRC concluding the check and agreeing that I had indeed completed it correctly, phew………”

“Thank you for your help; the e-book was a real eye-opener and very helpful.”

You are welcome AA, this is our thing, this is what we do.

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