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What is going on at HMRC? How come they smash the man on the street while the big boys get away with blatant fraud? These are great questions, but it’s not something we deal with on this site. Our aim is to help people in bullying tax investigations with HMRC. So I’ll leave it to the better qualified (and better funded) to explain about what’s happening at HMRC and in our tax system.

Here the Private Eye podcast (Page 94) talks to the Eye’s tax correspondent Richard Brooks. Richard spent 14 years working for HMRC so he knows the system from the inside. Here he explains how the four big accountancy firms (in cahoots with HMRC) have taken over (and are ruining) the economy. (2018) Subscribe here:

Our tax issues nicely satirised here by David Mitchell. We have a bad system: there isn’t enough tax coming in to pay for what we need: hospitals, the army, roads… you name it. But it’s a system that’s good for very wealthy people, because HMRC has made large grey areas for them to exploit. (2017)

Private Eye podcast (Page 94) speaks to Richard Brooks and Christian Eriksson about the shadowy millionaires keeping their money in sun-kissed foreign islands. This is all about the Paradise Papers (not to be confused with the Panama Papers).

HSBC The Bank of Tax Cheats Panorama 2015: Panorama reveals how Britain’s biggest bank helped some of its wealthiest customers dodge tax. HSBC knew clients were breaking the law – so why didn’t the bank report them and why haven’t the tax evaders been prosecuted? Reporter Richard Bilton tracks down the tax cheats with secrets to hide, and the man who was in charge of the bank. (2015).

Russell Brand takes a critical look at tax in this country (2014).