One in four of us who phones up HMRC for advice gets the wrong information. Oh and did you know that you can see the files HMRC hold on you. No wonder they don’t want to give out their email addresses!
HMRC want to push down your expenses and pump up your income - they won't mind bending a few rules to get a result. Here are some of the dirty tricks used by HMRC in tax investigations.
From browsing Facebook profiles, to noting careless talk in the pub, to talking to bitter ex-partners, HMRC is watching, snooping and listening.

Who Do We Think We Are?

Tax Hell is run by award winning investigative journalist Nick Morgan. He’s supported by a range of tax professionals.

What We Do

We help the unrepresented (and poorly represented) in tax investigations carried out by Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs (HMRC). And this is how we do it…

This website is one of the main tools to help people caught up in bullying tax investigations with HMRC.
We have a growing library of ebooks. Selling ebooks supports the site and gives you £1000s of specialist advice, researched from the top players in the industry.
We offer 30 minutes of expert advice from a qualified and experienced tax investigation expert for a fraction of the market rate.

What People Say

  • I found the Tax Hell ebook easy to read and very informative. I will definitely recommend the book and the website to clients.

    John Derek Thompson Accountant, Accounts Matters
  • Informative for tax professionals and the unrepresented alike – a great read.

    Chris Bale Director, TaxationWeb
  • Nick says a lot of things in the ebooks that many accountants and tax advisers would probably like to say to the Revenue just before they retired from the profession!

    Mark McLaughlin Managing Editor, TaxationWeb
  • The investigation system is weighted against the unrepresented taxpayer. This book does a great job in explaining the pitfalls.

    Nichola Ross Martin Director,
  • A good and easy to read guide for anyone caught up in an HMRC tax investigation. A must read for any Self Assessment taxpayer.

    Ken Frost, FCA Director, HMRC is Shite
  • Great Book!! I wish I’d known this information 6 years, 4 tax Inspectors and 2 Commissioners’ hearings ago!

    David C
  • Brilliant guide. Clear and is to the point, precisely what you need when you are pulling your hair out! Highly recommended!

    Wesley L
  • In late 2011 I received a startling phone call at my place of work from HMRC, claiming that I owed them £17,000 in unpaid taxes. I downloaded Everything you wanted to know about Tax Investigation. It was clear, concise and incredibly helpful. Today HMRC have dropped their case. Needless to say, I’m thrilled to put this whole affair behind me.

    Bill W
  • Penalties is a very handy companion to the Everything You Wanted to Know book.

    John D