Another HMRC Case Closes With The Help Of Tax Hell

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Dear Tax Hell

I received a letter from Ms W yesterday afternoon saying that she has closed the compliance check into my tax affairs!

I am so grateful to you – as without your kindness, endless patience and professional expertise this outcome would not have been achieved and could have potentially dragged on for years if I had been unrepresented.

I’m still a bit shell-shocked that it is all over after such an intense few months (I thought it would drag on for a bit longer with HMRC wanting to go through absolutely everything with a fine tooth comb) but thanks to your help it seems common sense has prevailed and they had the sense to end the investigation now rather than continuing and looking increasingly foolish.

Please tell me what can I do to support your work? Would you like me to write a testimonial for the website?

kindest regards


(Full names given but withheld)

Thanks S – always lovely to get feedback like this. The best way to help is to donate, there’s a donate button on the bottom right of just about every page on this site. You can either donate a small monthly amount or make a one-off payment.

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