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One of the frustrating things about helping people out with their investigations is that we often can’t tell their full stories.

This might be for a number of reasons; there might be a gagging clause to the agreement or the person we’ve helped wants confidentiality. Often it’s because they are just sick of the whole thing they want to draw a ling under it and get on with the rest of their lives. So a whole mix of reasons.

What I can tell you what a typical case involves: we have people who have tried to pay the right amount of tax but have got lost in the complexity of the system and we have cases where HMRC knew full well what the tax position was but failed to act on it and we also have cases where HMRC have been – let’s say – overzealous.

I can also say that we went to the Adjudicator last week with a case, and we came out very well. We saved the individual thousands of pounds and showed once again that the little guy can win.

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