UK Uncut gun for Vodafone across the country

 In UK Uncut

UK Uncut – the anti-cuts group who exposed Starbucks’ tax-dodging – will be staging protests in Vodafone stores across the country.

What do you think? Are HMRC picking on the wrong people? Why do you think Vodafone seem to be getting such a good deal from the taxman? Comments below.

UK Uncut say:

“We are in the midst of a national housing crisis caused by cuts to housing benefits, the bedroom tax, a lack of housing for disabled people, social cleansing of our cities and soaring rents. Evictions and homelessness have risen, while providers of services for the homeless have been cut.

“The government says we can’t afford to fund social housing and benefits but Vodafone has not paid a penny of corporation tax since 2011. On June 14 – ahead of Vodafone’s AGM – UK Uncut will be going back to Vodafone to remind them if the Government won’t make them pay their tax then we will. So gather your friends and family as we transform branches up and down the country into living rooms, shelters, refuges, bedrooms and hostels. We will show that we are here to keep the pressure up on tax avoiding millionaires, and that empty words from Cameron’s Government won’t stop us.”

You can find out more details about the event here:

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