The Clowns Speak Out

 In Staff Survay

Every year HMRC asks their staff for their opinions – and every year the result is shameful, here are the stats for this year.

Only 21% feel that HMRC as a whole is managed well

Only 24% believe that ExCom has a clear vision for the future of HMRC

Only 19% Overall, have confidence in the decisions made by HMRC’s senior

Only 17% feel that change is managed well in HMRC

Only 14% believe when changes are made in HMRC they are usually for the better

Only 23% are proud when I tell others I am part of HMRC

Only 21% would recommend HMRC as a great place to work

Only 21% thought HMRC inspires them to do the best in their job

Only 20% thought HMRC motivates them to help it achieve its objectives

Only 23% thought that where they work, they thought effective action had been taken on the results of the the last staff survey

The engagement index was 41% barely up from last year’s of 40%

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