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From a reader today.

I bought this book last night and read it straight away. I like to think I am honest but tax is so complex when you get into the minutiae I am eternally paranoid that I may get something wrong and get picked up by HMRC for an innocent mistake. The horrors I have heard from people who have had every transaction in their lives dissected is what prompted me to arm myself as much as possible should the worst ever happen.

For those under investigation, BUY IT. It will save you a fortune and also put you in a far stronger position than you would have been without it. It’s even worth buying if you have an expert on your side. £10 is peanuts compared to the costs that HMRC can and do impose on people.

If you are just self employed and like me, paranoid about getting it right every year. BUY IT. It is a wealth of information, HMRC babble translation (and information location) which is nigh on impossible for a non accountant from HMRC’s labyrinth of obfuscated web pages. The strongest selling point for this book is that it is written from experience of being under the HMRC cosh and you cannot value experience like that highly enough!

My only negative is that the 3 book offer for half price wasn’t more prominent in the web shop or I would have bought them all at the same time!!!

Keep up the good work!

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