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A bit of Friday madness this, but who knows he may respond..

For those who don’t know Mike Clasper is the HMRC chairman, see the HMRC profile by clicking here. He went on the record last week and said, “I’d like to take the opportunity to apologise….” Full story here. The HMRC attitude in the past has always been much more arrogant with Dave Hartnett famously refusing to apologise after getting the tax wrong for 900,000 taxpayers, story here. Pinch me! You just couldn’t make this stuff up.

Anyway, here’s the open letter, or rather email.

Dear Mike Clasper

I was involved in an tax investigation a few years ago, as a result I started the website and later created an e-book called Tax Investigation for Dummies: Everything you wanted to know about a tax investigation but were too afraid (or skint) to ask.

Many of the things I say in the book were touched on by you in this last week.

The book is revised every year and I get a team of experts to check the facts to make sure I’m not out of line.

In the spirit of transparency and reform I’d like to offer you the opportunity to to review the contents to make sure it is as factually accurate and helpful as it can be.

Yours sincerely

Nick Morgan

PS I’ve been saying for some time that logging hours would focus investigating officers, do you think that this might be a useful implementation?

–Nick Morgan

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