Is our tax expert any good?

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Here’s some heart warming feedback from a reader with a result. Is our advice any good? Is it of practical help? This is what we do, it’s not some vanity project, we get results, we make a difference.

Everybody who buys an ebook gets a 30 minute one to one session with a qualified tax expert.

Is he any good?

Judge for yourself, here’s some feedback just in today.
[fancy_box] “I had yet another of those brown HMRC envelopes today and braced myself for the worst. But guess what – they found that the penalty should be cancelled (or words to that effect)! In addition they also found that the reasons for not suspending were not valid, but as the penalty has been cancelled this isn’t applicable. I’m still quite stunned by it, somehow I didn’t believe that they would rule against their own officers, however inept and unfair they are.”

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