How Many Years Can HMRC Go Back?

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This is the single most frequently asked question on this site

If HMRC can’t find anything wrong with your figures then they don’t have the powers to open up past years for inspection. After that (generally speaking) there’s a sliding scale that starts at four years (if you’ve made a careless mistake / been negligent) and goes up to twenty years if you’ve made deliberate mistakes and have tried to conceal these errors (so fraud).

More information is available here.

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  • Kevin Bloody Wilson

    They went back 40 years in my case,even got into my dead mother and fathers accounts,thanks to Tax Hell I never paid one penny,I took out tax investigation insurance and that cost £120.00,my accountants fees would have been over £10,000,it cost HMRC £50,000 to investigate me over a period of 10 months and they got nothing,not one penny,they pulled every stunt and made every threat in the book,but ended up with zilch.Tax hell is worth its weight in gold.

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