Why Can’t HMRC Get It Right? An Addiction To Low Hanging Fruit

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Why Can’t HMRC Get It Right? An Addiction To Low Hanging Fruit

HMRC have just one job to do, get money. That money makes the roads you drive on and the schools you send your kids to. So it’s important.

Every year HMRC promise that they’ll bring in more cash for the government and every year they fail to meet their targets.


In the tax industry it’s euphemistically called ‘low hanging fruit’ – meaning HMRC go after fruit that is easy to pick rather than the fruit in higher branches. This metaphor is really a detraction for what’s really going on; HMRC are letting the most wealthy people in this country off the hook while it batters the poorer sections of society.

In the last five years there has been just one prosecution by HMRC of ‘high net worth individuals’ for tax fraud. This was described by the Commons Public Accounts Committee as a ‘dismal record’.

In the last year there have been 5,117 prosecutions for benefit fraud.

The answer is greater openness and accountability from HMRC, but we are a long way from that happening at the moment.

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  • Ian Davies

    We gave HMRC how one person diverted funds thus sinking company A, we gave them dates, invoices, ammounts that was 3 year as ago.That company has now need disolved we how is that, they never done a set of account this is a joke.
    We removed a managing director for vat fraud, tax fraud conservative estimate 250/300 k, we had his tax returns and his bank statements only two years down the road we stil. Have not been called has witnesses, I do a mistake on my child tax credits they hound me this is a clear case of low hanging fruit.
    Prior to us leaving because we know we can’t make Pulsar work it’s so corrupt, we sign a legal agreement that we leave and have nothing to do with IPL machines or Pulsar, they rescind on the deal, I go down and speak to Mr Z keep to the deal repair the woman’s machine if not I’m going down to trading standards, then the bombshell is fired,
    cut a long story short, we find out that the certificates are not valid, we have that from the test house 100% factual, gave all this information to trading standard.
    They have seen these certificates on numerous occasions they had and should have contacted the test house, but with this information they still say it’s ok Ian, they do this because they have failed and the fact that “no certificate falls on deaf years,they can’t act to do so would open Pandoras Box.
    Can you help all this vat fraud, tax fraud, Phoenix fraud, carosell fraud, falcons accounting and selling of untested machines since 2006 till now, to date everyone has failed.
    Please can you help.

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