HMRC Boss Mike Clasper to get the boot

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Mike Clasper: failed to bring the bacon home

Mike Clasper was recruited in to get HMRC’s house in order, but he has failed.

The bottom line is this: our government is broke and it needs to get more revenue, yes there have been a string of embarrassing events, but Mike could ride the storm if he was bringing home the bacon, but he’s not. And why is that? Well the ‘sweetheart’ deals large companies have been getting could be something to do with it. Then there’s the all those super rich who are paying less tax than their cleaners – again worth looking into Mike.

I know that headhunters are out there now looking for a replacement and I’d like to put myself forward, I know the bosses at HMRC read this, so please send the application details to me using the contact page.

Full story in the Telegraph here.

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