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 In HMRC Investigation

There are three things that I love about Tax Hell

  • Socking it to a bully
    I really don’t like bullies and standing up to them makes me feel warm inside.
  • Helping people
    My back has been against the wall and helping others in a similar position is deep-down feelgood for me.
  • Selling ebooks
    My email pings and somebody has bought an ebook – that’s dreamy for me. The books take a long time to write and people buying them is just great.

And that neatly dove-tales into to the news that all three ebooks are now on that famous tax dodging website – if I’m going to sell any ebooks I need good (and honest) reviews.

All three books can be seen by clicking this link, and I think you can be anonymous – just if that’s an issue.

Thanks in advance


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